Bespoke Tooling – Creating Something Different

Many of the tooling requirements we undertake, fall outside some of the norms associated with metal cutting applications across the industry. Our experience in creating bespoke tooling solutions means we are always up for a challenge and fully embrace the opportunity to try something different. Creating custom cutting tools not only pushes ours and industry boundaries but also provides a valuable service to our customers. 

Belize Tipped Tools

3 of the larger static form tools alongside more typical round shank work that the company is know for.

Our Latest Challenge

Some of our recent work includes large HSSE and Carbide Tipped form tools used in the re-grooving and profiling of sugar mill rolls. The rolls are huge, up to 1.5m in diameter and 3m in length; weighing several tons they are used to crush and extract the juice from sugar cane.

The nature of this process and the loads involved can be quite testing on these agricultural leviathans, therefore the roll equipment requires regular maintenance and refurbish work.

Bespoke tools had to be created in order to accommodate the size, which was much larger than any ‘normal’ flat form tools ( 400mm overall) and they also needed to cope with the testing conditions.  These huge tools would be responsible for re-establishing the profiles in each roll form and also to clear cane debris when sections contain compacted material from the crushing process.

We have successfully been producing several variants since this initial application, with the final specification being dependent on the profile requirements for individual mills. These tools had a trans-atlantic journey and went to a mill in Belize and like most other mills in Southern and Central America is located near to where the cane is harvested.

PJ Tooling has a wide range of bespoke cutting tool services and 50 years experience providing custom tooling to our customers.  If you would like to discuss your tooling needs with us then please get in touch.


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Custom Tooling – Tackling The Unusual