Medical Prosthetics Link To Collaborative Tooling Project

Working collaboratively is nothing new at PJ Tooling and allows for specialists in their field to bring the very best to a project.  Earlier this year we worked with another UK based tooling supplier in order to design and create a custom made slitting saw. 

OD Carbide Tipped Slitting Saw for Medical Implants and Prosthetics

The initial requirement was to produce a large OD Carbide Tipped slitting saw that would be used to cut material blanks in the manufacture of medical implants and prosthetics. The brief directed that this was a purely cost-driven project, with the objective to reduce waste on composite material in a production environment. Given the very high cost of the raw materials,

the minimal amounts of material saved on each cut would therefore accrue exponential savings per annum on high volume production.

 Cutting tool design based on accuracy and stability

The management team and key employees were involved with all aspects of the initial design concept, development and final production of this product which was successfully delivered earlier this year. The majority of the work and design was Wire EDM related, focusing on the accuracy and stability of the segments when attached to the spindle arbor, on which the cutter would operate at high speed. 

The very narrow profile meant it was important to minimise cutting loads and to maximise material waste savings, whilst keeping sight of a reliable product that was sufficiently robust. The segmented design was beneficial economically and would allow for individual parts of the tool to be replaced. This was more cost-effective than a single piece construction, where there was a higher likelihood of the entire tool being scrapped when one facet became damaged or failing in operation.

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