Custom Tooling – Tackling The Unusual

The very nature of creating custom tooling, means we are never far away from some unusual requests. Providing tooling solutions for our customers is all part of the norm here at PJ Tooling and is something we expect as a custom tool manufacturer. The scope of what we can offer is extensive, and it’s not unusual to be asked by customers, who are familiar with our in-house capability and partner suppliers, to design and produce items such as small intricate fixtures, spare parts and assembly tools. These can be anything from bespoke clamps, to Wire EDM cutting of characters in 24 Carat Gold sheet.

Custom Made Tooling for Food Production

Despite the lockdown and the unfortunate negative effect this has had on many businesses, we have been lucky, this year has been no different to others in regard to bespoke enquiries. Our most recent undertaking was a collaborative project with a local firm, which was to produce scoring cutters with various teeth profiles. The cutters are essentially rotary knife hobs, which are used for scoring/slashing various pastry products prior to baking.

The tools were reverse-engineered from samples and produced from food-grade stainless steel; an interesting task carried out easily on our Mazak Integrex J200. The process is not dissimilar to the fluting profiles that we do on a more regular basis but are a world apart from food production use!

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