Continued Investment In Engineering –

New  CNC Measuring Machine at PJ Tooling

Despite uncertainty across many sectors during the 2nd quarter of 2020, here at PJ Tooling we have continued to press ahead with planned capital investment. As a result, in April of this year we welcomed the delivery of our new ‘advanced’ Walter Helicheck CNC optical measuring machine.

CNC Machine PJ Tooling

This state of the art machine is now an integral part of tool manufacturing at PJ Tooling and is a major benefit in helping to control processes and to guarantee consistent precision. It also provides useful QA reporting of sizes & parameters for customers.

The Helicheck Advanced Model provides 100% inspection of even complex geometries on rotationally symmetrical tools, with a repeatability of 1.5 μ. It does this by using 3 cameras and LED light sources, which can either scan sections of a tool, or scan the complete tool profile.

The Helicheck Machine in Place Ready to Use

This new non-contact CNC measuring machine is a welcome addition to our inspection department and complements our Zoller Venturion 400 Unit, with both machines having their own strengths for particular styles & batch sizes of tools.

If you would like to discuss  your tooling requirements or need more general information please get in touch on 01926 492693 or follow the link for more contact information.


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