COVID-19 PJ Tooling Continue to Supply Cutting Tools

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it uncertainty and challenging times for all of us. Here at PJ Tooling, we are still continuing to manufacture and supply cutting tools, our aim is to be as consistent as possible and continue to provide an outstanding service to our clients old and new.  Therefore we will still be available to answer client enquiries and to ensure requests are acted upon, quickly and efficiently. 

The Coronavirus crisis has had a detrimental effect on many business sectors within the UK and globally, however you can rest assured that we are doing our utmost to keep functioning as normal.  Fortunately, the engineering sector is well known for its versatility and the ability to adapt to new demands and market pressures, a resilience that is being put to the test during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. PJ Tooling has for many years provided bespoke tooling to companies who supply health professions with products that are now relevant in the fight against the virus. Our aim at this current time is to ensure we meet the increased demand for our tooling products, while at the same time provide our clients with the best service levels possible, during what is, an unprecedented situation. 

Tooling For Medical Applications

Some of our long-standing clients are directly involved in component manufacture across a wide spectrum of medical applications, namely gas and air supply and filtration. Another established client in the pharmaceutical sector is the largest company involved in drug delivery systems globally.  They use our tooling in the intricate machining of high volume production mould tools for varied applications, including drug vial seals, stoppers and pistons. Because of the current increased demand for these types of products, it is important that our part of the supply chain continues to function effectively and efficiently.

Due to the uncertainty of this global situation, we will continue to monitor developments and implement best practices as recommended by government guidelines and inform clients in the event of any changes that may affect operations.

Please contact us if you require more information, or for any other enquiries.


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